Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Suggested Reading - The Best Romantic Novel

I love to read just about anything under the sun and recently I have been on a romantic novels kick. I have read books like Eat Pray Love, The Notebook and other such travel novels... yes even around my busy schedule and studying I have been able to continue my treasured reading habits.

So a classmate of mine saw me reading 'Eat. Pray. Love' and asked if I had read a book called 'Overland' which she claimed to be the best romantic novel that she had ever read. She continued to give me a nearly blow by blow recap of this book she insisted that I read.

Apparently it is about a nearly finished med student, who on the last day of his final exams receives a letter from his fiance that she is calling it off and traveling to Nepal. He, not willing to give up on their relationship, drops everything and decides to go after her half way around the world, and while on this trip they both learn and experience some amazing things.

The author, Mark Levy, based his travel novel on his own life experiences... that I learned on his website www.overlandthebook.com as I investigated where I could get this book! She made it sound amazing and after reading the synopsis on the website I can't wait to read it myself!

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